Johann McBee

The Canadian Association of Music Therapists defines Music Therapy as: “... a discipline in which credentialed professionals (MTA*) use music purposefully within therapeutic relationships to support development, health, and well-being. Music therapists use music safely and ethically to address human needs within cognitive, communicative, emotional, musical, physical, social, and spiritual domains.”

Music Therapists work in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, mental health & addictions centers and hospices. They work with diverse client populations, including people living with autism and other developmental disabilities and even healthy adults wanting to explore music therapy as a means for personal growth.

To date most of my clinical experience has been in long-term care facilities, with 3 years of experience in that setting, working with individuals with dementia and other diseases of aging. I also have experience working with children with developmental disabilities and behavioural disorders and otherwise at-risk children, youth mental health and addictions, and grief and bereavement support.